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About Us

I2PO: Europe's first SPAC dedicated to entertainment and leisure

I2PO is a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) addressing the European Entertainment & Leisure industry, backed by unique and highly complementary sponsors bringing decades of proven track record in value creation in the sector: Iris Knobloch, Matthieu Pigasse and Artemis - the Pinault family’s holding company - represented by François Henri Pinault and Alban Greget.

We will target leading brands in the Entertainment & Leisure industry

I2PO will target leading brands in the Entertainment & Leisure industry, with strong European footprints, great digital potential for scale and long runway for growth, run by A - teams who will embrace a partnership with I2PO to accelerate growth and value creation over time through access to capital, expertise and a listing on Euronext Paris.

Capitalizing on our deep sector/industry knowledge

Capitalizing on our deep sector/industry knowledge, deal sourcing and execution capabilities, we will focus on the following sub-sectors including: Steaming & Distribution, Music, Media IP & services, gaming & esports, e-learning, leisure platforms...

The first female-led European SPAC

As the first female-led European SPAC with Iris Knobloch serving as Chairwoman and CEO of I2PO, we are deeply committed to focus on companies having a special attention to ESG principles.